Getting Started

Green Ramp Program 

The “Green Ramp” is the personnel loading area at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina.  This is the place where paratroopers prepare themselves, put on their parachutes, and wait to board their plane for their next jump.  Here the parachutes are checked twice, practice jumps are executed, and final adjustments are made before they are taken in flight.

Our Green Ramp program closely mimics this process of testing, practicing, and perfecting before taking your newly learned skills and applying them in a class setting.  We believe this is the safest, friendliest, and most effective way to get started with CrossFit.

Every Saturday at 10am 918 CrossFit offers a free introduction class.

Once you have taken this class, we recommend the Green Ramp program. This consists of 2 weeks, 4 classes, in which you will safely and effectively progress through learning the Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics movements often included in CrossFit Workouts.  During these first two weeks you will also be getting workouts in!  After this, you will begin in the regularly scheduled WOD classes.  We will offer this first month of learning and programming at a discounted rate of $110.

918 CrossFit offers month-to-month memberships and does not charge any application, process, cancellation or other service fee.